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Plain Cotton Scarf

Product Code :    KS-982

Brand :    JP HANDLOOM
MOQ :   50 pcs
Supply Ability :   500 pcs / month
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Size- 60 cm X 180 cm + Fringes

We can do Natural Dyeing as well.

We are one of the leading manufacturer of Pure Khadi Cotton Handwoven Scarves. 

This is a beautiful Scarf, made with Khadi Cotton Hand spinning Yarns. The Scarf is plain woven, ready for dye.

The Yarn use in the scarf is 100% Khadi Cotton, and spin by ladies from small village , named NUAPATNA. 

We can change the size as per client choice. And these scarves can be available in many colors. If you want, we can do Natural Dyeing as well. 


Hand wash with cold water.



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