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Fine Handspun AHIMSA Silk Yarn

Product Code :    No-133

Brand :    JP HANDLOOM
MOQ :   3 kg
Supply Ability :   50 kg per month
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No-133 -  Handspun Eri Silk Slub yarn.( Finer Yarn, Less thick than No-133-A )

Count- It is Handspun, so no specific count is available. WPI can be available, if interested, you can ask for WPI.

End use- Can be Use as Warp & Weft for handloom textured Scarves & fabrics.

                                             Eri Silk or commonly know as AHIMSA Silk , is one of the most internesting Silk yarn of India. It termed as Organic / Peace Silk as well, because the Wom / Moth inside the cocoons dosen't get killed while processing the cocoons. 

This Eri Silk Yarn is Handspun by ladies from small village in Eastern Part of India, named NUAPATNA. This village has more than 100 years of history for Handspinning and Handloom Weaving. 

The Scarves & fabric made with this yarn, will be of around 100 GSM, and can be dyed in any Natural color shade.

This Yarn is getting spun in a  small village named- Nuapatna, situated far from city. We try to give employement to the poor lady spinners who belongs to the village. The Spinning unit, consist of more than 300 lady spinners from the village or near to the village. Our aim is to keep the handloom and hand spinning sector alive.



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