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Silk Ribbon, Multi-color-Spray Dyed

Product Code :    SR-01

Brand :    JP HANDLOOM
MOQ :   3 kg in each color.
Supply Ability :   50 kg per month
Stock :    0

Payment Term :    L/C, T/T, Paypal


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Silk Ribbon ( Multicolor ) - SR-01

We are the manufacturer of Recycled Silk Ribbon. We collect these Recycled Silk Fabrics from alla round country, and use it for making Silk Ribbon of any width as per client. 

Silk Ribbon are mutipurpose product, and can be use for making many hand crafted items, which can be use for decoration and useful daily products. In the marriage ceremony, Silk Ribbon are use widely for making designs / flowers and all. 

We produce beautiful colors and good quality silk ribbon. 

Color can be done as per client choice. 




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