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Cotton Silk Textured Fabric,70 grams

Product Code :    Cotton-Silk-2

Brand :    JP HANDLOOM
MOQ :   50 mtr
Supply Ability :   300 mtr per month
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Cotton Silk Textured Handloom Fabric

Weight- 70 grams per meter /  12 mommes

Width- 110 cm 

Dyeing- Undyed Natural . But can be dyed in many color.

End use- lamp Shade, Shirting, Garments, Textured Garments, Scarves.

This fabric is a mixture of Silk & Cotton. The warp has Cotton & weft has Eri Silk.

This Fabric is being use for Lamp Shade since last more than 20 years.

This fabric is being woven on handloom.

This fabric can be dyed in many colors. It is used widely for making Garments for ladies. 

It is easy to print / Dye on it. 

Any color you want, we can able to provide you.




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